Is Clomid possible for self treatment of infertility?

Infertility is a state of a woman organism when the pregnancy does not occur. There are different reasons causing infertility in women which can be generally divided into acquired and inborn (genetically determined). The acquired causes are age, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity and overweight, nutrition problems and anorexia, chemotherapy, chronic diseases. Among genetically determined or inborn factors causing female infertility there are genes mutations, chromosomal abnormalities and abnormal organs constitution.

Before choosing a way of treatment a patient should be examined and tested to determine a reason of infertility as different remedies affect different conditions of pregnancy occurrence.

The most common reason of infertility in women is anovulation which is treated with hormones forcing the follicle maturing and egg growth. Chlomid is one of the most safest and effective ways to boost the ovulation process in a woman’s body.

The remedy is safe and does not perform severe side effects. As an average drug it can perform some unwanted reactions as scarce bleeding, nausea, headache and some skin presentations (in case a patient is allergic to the drug components). However these are minor side effects in comparison to ther drugs used for female infertility treatment.

What should a woman know about Clomid and possible after remedy effect?

Clomid being a safe drug with no precautions (except personal intolerance to the drug components) can lead to unwanted effects as multiple ovulation and increase the birth of twins or triplets. A woman should be tested drug Clomid treatment to follow the reaction of the organism. However many women neglect the regular testing and examinations visiting a physician only in case of pregnancy.

If there is another reason for infertility Clomid will not be effective. When a couple is planning a baby and has not yet got a pregnancy the both partners should be examined before any treatment as a woman may be alright and the problem lies in her partner.

Besides, Clomid can force the pregnancy, however if a woman has other precautions for getting pregnant (some other diseases or inability to carry fetus to term), the self treatment can lead to a necessary abortion.

Clomid is a perfect solution for those women who are sure in their health problems and the reasons of infertility. Each woman desiring to try Clomid for self treatment should remember that she is responsible not only for her own health and life but for her future child as well. So it is better to think twice before taking the first pill.

Consult a physician and make all necessary testing to be sure Clomid is exactly what you need. After getting the test results you can order Clomid online to save your time and money as online shopping is the easiest way to get the pills quickly!