Clompihene Citrate

Clomid is also known by its generic name Clompihene citrate and it is being sold in market with two brand names Serophen and Clomid. The demand of this medicine is increasing day by day in the whole world. There were few women who face infertility problems in past because they had a healthy diet which kept them away from all types of health problems. Now the women prefer to take junk food which has become one of the main reasons of many medical problems. Doctors highly recommend to their patients to take junk food 1-2 times in a week. Those who take it very often are usually caught in severe health problems. Such people should try to change their life style and should lead a healthy life. Besides this, people should also visit doctor’s clinic 1-2 times in a month for a complete medical checkup so that the medical problem can be diagnosed at initial stage.

Those who are not familiar with the purpose of Clomid, it is a drug that is used to induce ovulation. If you are one of those women who are getting problem in getting pregnant due to the problem in ovulation then you must start your treatment with Clomid according to your doctor’s advice. A question comes in the mind of many women that how can they get if Clomid is right for them or not. This thing is usually decided by the doctors after knowing the infertility reason and the health of patient. Doctors never recommend this medicine to all women who are facing problem in getting pregnant. Proper testing is carried out to diagnose the real problem and then doctor decides either Clomid will be the right medicine for that patient or not.

Let us discuss about the normal ovulation in normal woman. Follicles in the ovaries of woman begin to enlarge and mature during the first half of menstrual cycle. These follicles contain eggs and these follicles make these eggs able for fertilization. Through the estrogen hormones level, the message is conveyed to the follicle to release to egg when it gets mature. In such a way, the fertilization occurs and the baby born after the 9 months gestation period in which the fetus develop to a proper shape. When a woman comes to know that this is time to use Clomid? Well, the woman must ask her family doctor about its use but if she is facing irregular menstrual cycle then she can use Clomid because it is a signal to show ovulation is not occurring.

This medicine should be taken through oral cavity as per directions of your doctor. To get good results, the patient must use this medicine according to the prescribed schedule. Avoid taking over dose during medical treatment because it might be very tough for your health. The medicine should be taken up to the prescribed period. Do not take it for longer period because it can also be harmful for your health. Ask your doctor if you have any question regarding Clomid use.