Clomid Dosage

It’s always very important to follow the recommendations of the doctor or those provided by the pharmacist. You can also read the instructions before starting to use Clomid to be sure about the dose and how this medicine is to be used for you to benefit. The most common Clomid dosage that works for most patients is 50 mg. However, there are cases when the dose will be too low for the patient and no clear response to the therapy will bee obvious. In that case, the doctor may recommend a higher dose for the next cycle, or the same dose can be tried once again.

The decision about taking a higher dose (especially over 50 mg) should be based on every individual situation, as there is a chance they can actually make conception more difficult, since in some cases Clomid may affect the quality of the cervical mucus, making the lining of the uterus thinner, all of which may prevent fertilization and implantation. The recommended Clomid dosage should be taken in cycles of five days each. There are two possible variants – to start the treatment on the third or fifth day of the cycle (the beginning o menstrual bleeding), finishing on the seventh or ninth day of the cycle accordingly.

There may be a different protocol recommended by the doctor, but there is nothing to worry about, since Clomid demonstrated efficiency in spite of the changes that may be recommended by certain healthcare professionals. You will have to take every dose of Clomid exactly as prescribed, with a full glass of eater. The best way to go is taking Clomid at regular intervals, at the same time every day, as otherwise the therapy may be less efficient. It’s important to follow the treatment routine carefully and avoid using Clomid for longer or at larger doses.