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Clomid is a trade name of clomiphene citrate – synthetic estrogen, often prescribed to women who have problems with ovulation cycle, causing infertility issues.

Although this is not the only goal Clomid make complete. In fact, this is quite a versatile medication, used by both women and men.

What Makes Clomid A Versatile Medication?

Clomid is used in both women and men for different purposes. Initially it has been designed for women, who have difficulties to conceive a baby. However, it works in men too as an anti-estrogen and stimulator of gonadotropin:

usage of Clomid in men causes a rise of hormones, stimulating testicles and luteinizing hormone. The medication influences the pituitary directly. As a result, natural production of testosterone increases as well.

This effect is favorable for athletes, especially by the end of the cycle.

How To Restore Production Of Natural Testosterone In Athletes?

When an athlete stops usage of steroids, his production of natural testosterone is insufficient. If it it’s not restored, a considerable loss of muscle mass and strength will follow. To prevent it, athletes use Clomid. You can buy cheap Clomid online.

Why to overpay when it comes to your essential needs?

Researches show that 50-100 mg of Clomid daily in the morning or evening after meals during 2 weeks or a bit longer bring the natural testosterone production back to its normal level. Clomid raises testosterone level step by step. When a sharp rise of testosterone is needed, athletes use HCG during a few weeks and after get back to Clomid cycle. There’s no need to take Clomid longer than 10-14 days in order to raise natural testosterone. Clomiphene citrate is relatively inexpensive which is also a big plus.

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Besides promotion of natural testosterone production, Clomid is also effective as antiestrogen. Most athletes experience problems with estrogen excess by the end of the cycle.

High level of this hormone in combination with low testosterone, rises risks of gynecomastia development. Therefore, using Clomid, athletes solve 2 problems at once: blockage of undesirable estrogen effect and boosting natural testosterone.

Do Female Athletes Use Clomid?

Yes, they do. Women use Clomid before competitions to lower estrogen level in order to make body look harder.

Speaking of toxicity and side effects, this medication is considered quite safe. There are possible side effects, but they are quite unlikely to happen if you take the medication in reasonable dosages.

Temporary problems with vision is one of Clomid side effects. If you begin to experience such an effect, Clomid manufactures recommend to stop the course. Disorders of liver function are not excluded but occur extremely rarely.

Women may get enlargement of the ovaries, accompanied by low abdominal pain, since Clomid encourages ovarian activity. A possibility of multiple pregnancy also increases.

When you buy cheap Clomid online, you are getting numerous benefits. Save your time and money, purchasing basic medications to improve your performance and lower risks of undesired effects, associated with usage of steroids.